Therapists use a combination of interventions to help people- but the therapeutic alliance is the most important.

This means finding a therapist that seems to really “get you” and that gets what is going on for you.

With a basis of training in psychoanalytic perspective, I provide a space for clients to explore, get to know and experience the subconscious mind without judgement, criticism or reproach.

The therapy environment may be the first time in many of our lives where we are able to have the space to sort out some of the more complicated feelings. In a complex family dynamic, a child’s emotions often take a back seat.

This therapy space allows for one to get to know and be unendingly curious about experience of being you.

Within this psychodynamic frame, I use a combination of trauma-focused interventions, creative arts interventions, cognitive-behavioral approaches as well as mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Everyone has a different kind of therapeutic approach that suits them best. I work with clients to find the best plan for their circumstances.

I find therapy to be an incredibly powerful and transformative process. Please feel free to ask any questions at all - I am always happy to talk more.