Therapy for Anxiety in Los Angeles

Helping you Feel Better

If you are struggling with feeling worried all the time, I understand how difficult that can be. You feel anxious, worried and uneasy a lot of the time. You feel stressed about how things are going day-to-day and you're never quite able to relax.

Things tend to feel overwhelming, intense and you have some fear around what might happen. It's hard to put down the anxiety.

Even though you may feel alone, know that many people in your circumstances need support considering the many challenges you are facing.

Here Are Some Things Therapy Can Help With

As someone struggling with feeling worried all the time you may be feeling:

  • stressed, worried and afraid

  • anxious or nervous about events in your life

  • like you never get it right, even though you work really hard towards your goals.

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed with feelings like these, therapy can help.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I Can Help You Feel Better

I'm Dr. Adriane Kruer and I'm a psychologist who is uniquely qualified to help you feel better.

Anxiety, worry and fear can show up in our lives for so many reasons. We all experience these feelings at some point- its when the feelings start to be overwhelming that having some help can change the story.

I often help clients who are experiencing anxiety, fear and trouble with trusting themselves. I use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy combined with other approaches to help people to feel better.

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